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    Career In Data Science: Salary, Skills And Career Path – A Complete Guide

    Data Science: An Emerging Career Field

    Did you know that every day approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created? That’s a huge number and we need some cleaning because it keeps on growing in volumes each day. This data that is being created every day, cannot be stored as it is, hence we need a professional who can segregate the data based on its importance.
    So, data science has to be an emerging career field that might take over owing to its high employment and growth rate.



    Aug 20 2023

    10 Min

    What Does A Data Scientist Do?

    A data scientist collects data, analyzes it and figures out a behavioural pattern or a trend to study from and make a decision based on it. They are responsible for identifying various problems and then giving out solutions to tackle them. Here are a few things that a data scientist does:

    • They gather a huge chunk of data from various sources.
    • They work out the patterns and trends of the data.
    • They build machine learning modules.
    • They are responsible for a clean interpretation of data.
    • They target a particular problem and run data science techniques to tackle it effectively.

    Why Pursue A Career In Data Science & Analytics

    There are all the reasons to opt for data science and analytics as a career. It is a 21st-century course that requires you to develop the in-demand skills and aids both in your personal and professional growth. Here are a few more reasons as to why pursue a career in data science:

    • The entry-level package is around 8 LPA and can go even higher.
    • It opens the door to global opportunities.
    • It is an in-demand career all around the world.
    • It helps you learn new-age skills and keep you updated with the latest behavioural trends of people for a particular industry.
    • It has tremendous growth potential.
    • It is one of the most promising careers of this age.

    Skills Required To Become A Successful Data Scientist

    In order to thrive in a particular career field, you should be well aware of the skillset it requires and then build on it. Here are a few important skills you should have to become a successful data scientist. With that being said, anything can be learned and mastered, so if you lack a particular skill, there’s always room for improvement.

    • Sound Mathematical Knowledge:It refers to you being quick with the calculations, and having an understanding of statistics and maths.
    • Critical Thinking:This skill enables a data scientist to analyze, identify and define the underlying problem or data accurately.
    • Programming Skills: You should have a proficient understanding of programming languages like Python to work with data, create algorithms and other relevant operations.
    • Knowledge of Data Visualisation:The ability to visualise data will help you communicate it effectively.
    • Problem-Solving:This is one of the most important data scientist skills that allow you to devise effective solutions for problems.
    • Communication Skills:The most underrated but essential skill that not only is important in data science but is expected from individuals across almost all career fields.

    Career Options After Studying Data Science

    • Data Scientist:A data scientist is one who analyses data and helps industries or organisations to make informed decisions.
    • Average Salary: 10 LPA
    • Highest Salary: 35 to 50 LPA
    • Data Analyst:The data analyst career path involves collecting data and providing actionable insights.
    • Average Salary: 5 LPA
    • Highest Salary: 12 LPA
    • Data Manager:A data manager supervises the development and use of data systems while closely ascertaining effective data management and analysis.
    • Average Salary: 5 LPA
    • Highest Salary: 25 LPA
    • Data Engineer:Data engineers build systems that collect data for data scientists and analysts to work on and interpret.
    • Average Salary: 7 LPA
    • Highest Salary: 25 LPA
    • Business Analyst:A business analyst keeps a check on the performance of the organisation and provides insights on improvement.
    • Average Salary: 6 LPA
    • Highest Salary: 15 LPA

    How To Start Your Career In The Data Science Field?

    Here’s how you can start your career in the data science field or also referred to as a must-have qualification for a data scientist:

    • Earn a bachelor’s degree in data science or other relevant courses like computer science.
    • There are various courses available like the data analyst course after 12th to gain an understanding of this dynamic field.
    • Masters in the same field is not compulsory, however, it would add an additional benefit and better growth.
    • Focus on building the required skillset such as learning coding and programming.
    • Opt for a full-fledged data science course before you begin your career, it would give you a slight edge.
    • Look for global and national opportunities, and your data scientist future is ready.

    Industries With High Demand Of Data Scientists

    Data science is an emerging field and is in high demand across the following fields:

    • Digital Marketing.
    • Healthcare Sector
    • Cybersecurity.
    • E-commerce and Retail.
    • Finance and Banking.
    • Entertainment and Media.
    • Technology Sector.

    Salary Expectations Of A Professional Data Scientist

    • Fresher:A fresher with 0 to 1 year of experience in data science can expect up to a package of 6 to 8 LPA.
    • Experienced: An experienced data scientist’s salary ranges from 18 to 25 LPA and sometimes even higher, based on experience and knowledge.


    Data science is the course and career of this era and it is here to stay. There is a whopping 22% employment rate expected to increase in this industry in the years to come. Every industry is trying to measure its success and growth ratekeeping the data as a metric and this is how the demand for data scientists is growing across the globe in almost every other domain. Hence, data science is a potential career choice.

    If you want to grow your career in data science then you can consult with our career consultants and get an expert advice on your choose career.

    Also you can pursue your career while doing study abroad and choose any other field within India. To study in india and explore the opportunities, you can also contact with MB Patil Education.


    Yes, absolutely. Data science is one of the most sought-after and in-demand careers of this century. With an entry-level package of around 8LPA, it hands down is the ideal career option you should explore.

    Of course, yes! Data science is in demand more than ever in today’s era where everything and anything has a lot to do with the data.

    After a 5 year career in data science, you can become a principal data scientist who leads the data science strategy in the organisation.

    The average salary of a data scientist falls between 6 to 13 LPA.

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