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    Our Services - Mb Patil Education

    We seek to elevate students' educational experience and success prospects through guidance and counselling that eliminates the perplexities and struggles involved in career selection. We kickstart every learner’s journey through self-awareness and exploration of true potential.

    For all your study abroad needs

    Institute Selection

    Get admissions into universities and colleges that best suit your personal, academic and financial parameters.


    We help prepare proposals for students who are looking forward to higher education abroad.

    Admission guidance

    Get admissions into universities and colleges that best suit your personal, academic and financial parameters. Get admissions into universities .

    Financial guidance

    We help students secure financial aid by helping them apply for private loans, and approach funding organisations

    Travel assistance

    MB Patil understands the psyche of the students and their parents to ensure that the student’s journey is quite comfortable and safe.

    Forex exchange

    The value of the currency in foreign exchange keeps on fluctuating daily which can lead to losses in currency exchange. We guide currency exchange.

    Pre-departure assistance

    We organize pre-departure for the students and explain every aspect of pre-departure to the student like the departure guidelines and the planning of the travel itinerary.


    Our initial counselling sessions help the students to identify their career aspirations and goals. We study the student’s background and explore courses and universities best suited to the student’s potential. A full-proof game plan is designed to help students prepare in line with the admission prerequisites. Our team ensures that the student’s applications stand the best chance of acceptance. Our multi-check mechanism removes the possibility of any omissions and errors in the application process.


    Admissions Support

    Very often, the goals and aspirations of the students are based on information gathered from random sources. We make them unlearn such information which in turn helps us to understand their life and career goals holistically. Our counsellors strategically help students to prepare for requisite language & aptitude tests, help them to write compelling SOPs, and assist them in the documentation required for university applications. Through introspective exercises, we dwell deeper into the true passions and potential of the student, which in turn helps us to chart out a tailored education plan. A comprehensive SWOT analysis of the student helps us in creating a well-balanced overseas education plan catering to ambitions and surety of admissions.

    Exam Prep

    We help students in preparing for national competitive examinations and capitalize on a multipath approach to land their aspirational bachelor's and master's degrees. Whether you have already decided on your course choice or want to get your preference sorted with us, the next crucial step towards your target is getting admission to your preferred college. Our counsellors will guide you in a one-on-one session by enlisting the colleges we have a tie-up with and the variation in courses of every field, provided by those colleges and universities. We take the responsibility of finding the best college according to your choice of course or area of interest. If you have appeared or are planning to appear for any competitive entrance exams like NEET, JEE, CET, NATA, CAT, etc. our modern counselling model will provide you with a 2 hours per week counselling session to teach you different techniques to read, write and understand the notes while helping you develop a plan to complete your syllabus and score the highest marks possible in these exams.


    Visa Assistance

    We support our students, helping them with scholarship information and assistance with visa applications. For students who aspire to fly off and start their career journey in a foreign country, we provide expert counselling to complete the documentation and admission procedure. From general guidance about suitable colleges and universities abroad to getting the visa process sorted, we have it all figured out for you. Our guidance on clearing the basic IELTS and other international-level tests to stand eligible for studying abroad ensures zero complications.

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