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    Top 6 Universities To Do MBBS In Bosnia For Indian Students

    MBBS In Bosnia For Indian Students
    Bosnia is emerging as an exceptional medical education hub for MBBS aspirants. With some of the best universities like Bosnia East Sarajevo Medical University and Medical University Sarajevo offering affordable fee structures and high-quality education, every student prefers this destination to pursue their medical passion. MBBS In Bosnia for Indian students comes as a great opportunity with enhanced career possibilities and state-of-the-art facilities.
    With English being widely used, and a low cost of living, Bosnia is the ideal country to study MBBS abroad.



    Aug 4 2023

    10 Min

    Why Bosnia Is a Good Option For Indian Students Who Want To Study MBBS Abroad?

    Here are the reasons why Bosnia is the best option to study MBBS abroad:

    • Medical universities in Bosnia are MCI approved and recognised
    • An MBBS degree from Bosnia is valid in India.
    • The standard of education is international
    • There are some of the best medical universities in Bosnia.
    • The fee structure is affordable.
    • The cost of living including transportation charges, accommodation and other expenses is comparatively low.
    • English is the medium of communication.
    • There is availability of Indian mess in various colleges as well.
    • The duration of the MBBS course is only 6 years including an internship.

    Top 6 Medical Universities in Bosnia for MBBS Program

    Bosnia is a hub of medical education with some of the world's best medical universities, here are the top 6 along with the course duration and estimated fee structure annually:

    University of East Sarajevo
    2.5 lakh per year
    • 6 Years
    Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
    2.5 lakh per year
    • 6 Years
    University of Banja Luka
    2.5 lakh per year
    • 6 Years
    University of Tuzla
    2.5 lakh per year
    • 6 Years
    American Northwest University
    2.8 lakh per year
    • 6 Years
    University of Mostar
    2.8 lakh per year
    • 6 Years

    Advantages Of Studying MBBS in Bosnia

    There are various advantages of studying MBBS In Bosnia for Indian students like:

    • Unlike some other countries, students in Bosnia do not have to go through a language course first, however, they are required to learn it with the passage of time.
    • The fee structure is comparatively affordable.
    • The living expenses and costs are also on the lower end.
    • The student grows both in a professional and personal manner.
    • The universities are well equipped with modern facilities providing quality education to the students.
    • The student is exposed to diverse cultures bringing a change in the overall personality and thought process.
    • The MBBS degree from medical universities in Bosnia is widely recognised.

    Admission Criteria in Bosnia Universities For MBBS

    The admission criteria for MBBS in Bosnia for Indian students are simple:

    • The students must meet all the eligibility requirements like age, exam, 12th standard percentage etc.
    • The student might also have to go through a university-specific entrance test as part of the admission process.
    • The students must also have some documents like LOR (Letter of recommendation and SOP (Statement of purpose) handy, which may or may not be asked for.
    • All the identification details must be available with the student and not even the slightest change in the name or DOB should be across them.
    • The student will have to pay the required amount of fee for the admission confirmation.

    The above was a general but important parameter to cover, following are the eligibility requirements for studying MBBS in Bosnia.

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    Eligibility Requirements to Study MBBS in Bosnia

    The eligibility criteria for various universities could be different, the following is more or less the same requirement for admission:

    • The minimum age requirement is 17 years.
    • The student must have completed his 12th standard with a minimum percentage of 50%.
    • The educational background of the student must be PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology).
    • The student Must have taken the NEET exam and also qualified for it.
    • In the case of any university-specific entrance test, the student must qualify for that as well.

    Also, while looking for studying MBBS abroad, the students must take into consideration the rules and regulations set by the NMC and MCI to be able to pursue further studies or practice in India.


    Studying MBBS in Bosnia is hands down the best option to study MBBS abroad. With state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional quality of education, students will be able to create a dynamic medical future for themselves and contribute to medical science at a larger level. Students also take career counselling to get best advice for mbbs abroad.


    English is widely used in Bosnia with over 30% of the population using this language as a medium of communication. And the percentage is increasing tremendously with the growth of more international students and individuals coming to the country.

    There are some of the best medical universities in Bosnia that offer a promising career with an affordable fee structure and international standard of learning. With enhanced career opportunities and exposure to diverse cultures, MBBS in Bosnia is hands down the best option to study MBBS abroad.

    Yes, the medical universities in Bosnia are recognised and approved by the medical council of India, hence the MBBS from Bosnia is valid in India.

    The duration of MBBS in Bosnia for Indian students is 6 years including an internship.

    Once you secure admission into a medical college, you can easily get a student visa.

    NEET is the fundamental exam that a student must take and qualify to study MBBS abroad. Apart from NEET, some medical universities in Bosnia might conduct a specific entrance test for admission into the MBBS course.

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