GMAT vs. GRE: Which Test You Should Choose?

Introduction To GMAT & GRE – Management Entrance Exams
If you are someone who wishes to pursue a master’s degree abroad, the GMAT and GRE are the gateway. While the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) for business programs, the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) by ETS (Educational Testing Service) is more of a generalised test through which you can apply in more than one field or domain.



Sep 5 2023

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Why You Should Prepare For GMAT or GRE

  • Widely Recognised: One of the major reasons to prepare for GMAT or GRE is its recognition by universities worldwide. It is accepted almost everywhere to get admission into your desired courses and universities.
  • Competitive Edge:What sets you apart from the rest is how good you are at a particular domain and these tests work as a stimulator to push you towards your best interest and help you analyse if the chosen career is the right one for you.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Many universities provide scholarships to the top scorers of these exams making it more feasible for you to pursue your education abroad.
  • Study Abroad:We cannot deny the fact that once you set out to study abroad, you are going to undergo a complete transformation in both manners personally and professionally. Hence, these exams serve as a gateway to land into those colleges that will fetch you a dynamic career.
  • Flexibility to apply: One single test makes you eligible for an ample amount of career opportunities where even if you are unsure of which direction to go, you can at least apply to a number of courses, get shortlisted and then evaluate your interests accordingly.

Key Differences Between GMAT & GRE

The following are the key differences between the GMAT and the GRE through which you can also deduce is GRE easier than GMAT or which is better GRE or GMAT:

Test Structure

  • GMAT: 4 Sections
  • GRE: 6 Sections


  • GMAT: Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)
  • GRE: Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)


  • GMAT: $275 (22,699)
  • GRE: $220 (18,159)


  • GMAT: 200 - 800
  • GRE: 260 - 340



  • Analytical writing assessment.
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning


  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical writing

Marking Scheme

GMAT: Total marks are calculated on the basis of the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning section.

  • No negative marking

GRE: Total marks are calculated on the basis of the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning section.

  • No negative marking

Score Validity

  • GMAT: 5 years
  • GRE: 5 Years

GMAT vs. GRE Difficulty Level

The GRE vs GMAT difficulty level can be evaluated on the following parameters

  • Mathematical Logic: The quant section in GMAT is somewhat more difficult and challenging as it does not opt for traditional maths but for more critical and data-based problems. Whereas GRE poses questions that are straightforward and slightly easier to understand and solve.
  • CAT (Computer-adaptive test): Since both GMAT GRE exams have a CAT format, the GMAT is said to adapt more critical questions than the GRE.

How To Decide Between GMAT & GRE

In order to decide between GMAT and GRE, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Research and figure out the domain of study you want to pursue in your higher education.
  • Look for colleges and universities that align well with your preferred area of study.
  • Check for the eligibility requirements and simply opt for the required test.
  • To be on the safer side and have all doors open, you can take both tests and apply to a wide range of programs, that might also expose you to career opportunities you did not know existed.
  • You can also sign up for career counselling that will give you a clear picture of all things and aspects you should consider and for some additional guidance.

Tips To Prepare For GMAT Or GRE Effectively

Every test or exam demands effort, consistency and dedication, and so do the GMAT and GRE. Here are a few more tips to prepare for the GMAT test and GRE test.

  • Exam Format: The first thing to dive into before starting your preparation is the examination format of the same. It will help you devise an effective timetable for your preparation.
  • Syllabus: The second important aspect of the preparation is understanding and comprehending the syllabus in and out. Unless you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus, cracking the study plan for the test will give you a hard time.
  • Mock Tests: These tests are one of the best ways to gain familiarity with the exam format and syllabus as well. Along with that you also get to analyse your areas of interest and weaknesses
  • Reading and writing: Focus on building your reading and writing skills by inculcating a regular practice of reading newspapers and other beneficial sources and writing essays.

Conclusion: Choose The Right Test For Your Career

Now that you have a fair understanding of both tests, you can seamlessly decide which test you should take to reach your desired academic destination. With consistency in preparation and clarity in mind in regard to your career, you’ll be able to ace these tests in one go. In case you have doubt about your career, You can take a professional career counselling for solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GMAT is taken for graduate business programs that involve a different and a little more challenging set of parameters to evaluate one’s knowledge such as problem-solving skills while as GRE is more of a generalised test that sets you eligible for a myriad of courses and requires you to be more sound in verbal and vocabulary skills.

GMAT test scores are mostly and widely accepted in Business schools across the world

GMAT is a challenging test but an average student can also crack it if he curates a study plan, strategises the daily goals and remains consistent with the efforts.

A minimum of six months of preparation is required to prepare for the GRE.

The minimum score required varies according to the universities you are applying to. Most B-schools accept scores ranging from 600 to 750.


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